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Market Pricing

We compare a client's compensation levels to those in the market. Using our extensive salary survey library, both off-the-shelf and custom surveys, we are able to provide a wide variety of information across an entire organization or for one specific job. The parameters of the data we provide are:

Base Salary 25th, 50th, Mean, 75th percentile
Bonus/Incentive Target, Average actual
Long Term Value (Black-Scholes)
Total Cash 25th, 50th, Mean, 75th
Total Comp (Direct) 25th, 50th, Mean, 75th

The analyses are customized based on client needs. All sourcing information is provided, as well as information relating to geographic differentials and aging factors. The data is provided in finished format, generally in software spreadsheets for the client’s use.

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Other Considerations

~~ Industry

~~ Revenue Level

~~ Company compensation ~~philosophy (competitive ~~positioning, lead/lag, etc.)