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Long Term Compensation

One of the most critical aspects of total compensation, long-term compensation, has been increasingly pushed down into the employee population. According to our own surveys, stock options are generally granted to employees starting at the $75,000 base salary level. Other companies identify eligibility by employee level in the organization.

Note: based on a recent survey of consulting firms, there is no generally accepted methodology for Black-Scholes. Each firm may use a different discounting value, volatility period or risk free rate. An alternative to Black-Scholes, or method that can be used in conjunction, is the Run Rate and Overhang of the company's stock option practices.

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Considerations for
Long Term Awards 

~~ Performance of the company

~~ Value of the option

~~ Volatility of the stock

~~Annualized Dividends

~~ Industry practices regarding mix ~~of compensation

~~ Industry Run Rate

~~ Industry Overhang